Marriage Counseling in Houston, TX. and Friendswood, TX.


Couple Zone Featured on Houston Matters

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vlinegray3x175Why Choose Us?

Why come to us for Marriage counseling over others? Top 5 Reasons:        1. We are Specialists. Why would you go to a “generalist” counselor who also see couples for something as…                                                     >>>

Do We Need Marriage Counseling?

What are the signs you might need couples counseling?  Contact us, or read our article on the
top ten signs you need couples therapy.

Meet Our Staff

We are exceptionally well-trained counselors, passionate about what we do. We are motivated to help couples move out of negative cycles of fighting in their relationships and into safe and secure ones.

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vlinegray3x275What Matters Most to Couples? 

Drs. Bradley & Furrow were interviewed on radio in Miami. They were asked questions about what matters in couple relationships.

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vlinegray3x275What Makes a Good Marriage Counselor?

You may be surprised to learn that a lot of counselors have actually received little training in treating couples.  Read our article with tips about finding a good marriage counselor.

Part-Time Therapists Needed

We need part-time therapists in our Friendswood and Montrose locations.
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EFTbooksmOur Book

Dr Bradley, President of The Couple Zone, has written a wonderful book for couples based on decades of research and experience. The techniques of the book are widely used at The Couple Zone. It’s available online at Amazon and Itunes, paperback and ebook, and at many bookstores nationally.

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