Lorie Ammon, MA

Lorie Ammon, MA

Couples therapy benefits

by Lorie Ammon, MA
The Couple Zone – Dallas

Relationships have a life of their own that needs to grow and change over time. Its health becomes vulnerable when neglected.

It requires effort to regain the lost well-being. Relationships contain conflicts, troubling emotions and the messiness of life. As with any issue, whether physical, emotional, or relational, the presence and guidance of an expert can prove invaluable.

If you find your relationship heading toward distress, join the many couples that’ve found relief by giving couple counseling a chance.

Couples who have experienced counseling with us have this to say:

1. We feel a renewed trust and a deeper level of intimacy.

2. Neither of us was blamed. It was fair to each of us.

3. We learned to reach out to one another for support.

couple24. We can identify how we fall into our conflicts and how to get out of them.

5. We respect each other even in the face of our differences and conflicts.

6. We face challenges together now.

7. We can communicate more clearly and openly.

8. We like each other more and enjoy life more.

Couple counseling at The Couple Zone offers a new experience in your relationship by transforming the prickly patterns of negative arguing and conflict, or cold silence. Please don’t put it off. Read our article about signs you need couples therapy, or call or email us today.