Brent Bradley, PhD.

Brent Bradley, PhD.

The night before my daughter was born my friend said to me, “Your life will never be the same again. It’s changed forever.” I didn’t really believe him, or think much of it.

But he was right. And my life is SO much better.

So now as the USA takes a look upon fatherhood, we dads get a little of the spotlight.

A little.

You see, I think dads too often get overlooked in this country. Any marriage counselor recognizes that dads are half of the marriage or couple relationship, but being a good dad can be left to the imagination. Oh the deadbeat bastards out there get plenty of press and recognition. But I am not talking about them. Shame on them.

Dads are framed on television pretty much as idiots. Gone are the days of the great Bill Cosby displaying with genius how real dads are involved daily and concerned about their children – at the same time being playful and fun as well.

I miss him. Come back Bill. We need you. I need you.

Andy Griffith also seemed to be a good dad to me. Now before you go all “1950s and out of touch” on me, hear me out. The man occasionally smoked. That’s politically incorrect right there. I like politically incorrect.

To the point: This dad sat down and talked with his son, Opie. He talked to him like Opie was a real human being too. And one thing Andy did that I will never forget – when he was wrong he owned up to it to his son – told him he was wrong – and he apologized.

That’s huge.

As a child I cried when I saw that. I bet I would today. (It’s the episode where Opie appears to be stealing and consistently lying about it to everyone – find it.)

Every year my daughter’s school spends a week preparing a Mothers Day card for every child. It’s amazing. There’s nothing like a card that a son or daughter spends that much time with. There are messages all over it! It’s a cryptic “you’re special” paradise.

And I covet the hell out of it.

But they have NEVER done a Fathers Day card. Never. Ever.

Yes, Fathers Day comes a week after school is out in Houston, and a day after its out in the Seabrook area.

Big Deal. That’s no excuse. Shame on you too.

So this year I sit here hoping against hope that the school gave some sort of thought to fathers.

No such luck. No homemade card.