Joan Sotelo, MA, LMFTA

Joan Sotelo, MA, LMFTA

“Physically, I feel tired all the time.”

“All I want to do is sleep.”

“I don’t feel like eating and I don’t find any foods appealing.”

“I sleep to run away from reality.”

“Sometimes I wake up crying because I find myself again in my sad reality. I usually take hot showers, for hours. I just stand under the water and cry; I cry and cry every day all the time.”

Can you relate to these sentiments? Have you lost interest in mostly everything, felt helpless, or lack pleasure in activities you once enjoyed?

Depression is not simply a ‘gloomy’ state of mind. Your life can take a complete turn when experiencing depression. It’s common to experience mood changes, disturbed sleep, loss of appetite, lack of sexual desire or pleasure from socializing, extensive crying, and even suicidal thoughts. Partners in distressed marriages or couple relationships are more prone to depression. This is commonly seen in marriage counseling or couple counseling.

Most individuals feel trapped or lost, as if they are drowning or falling deeper into a black space of the inescapable negative feelings of worthlessness, misery, and sadness.

Depression is more common that you may think. Did you know that 9.5% of Americans suffer from depression at any one given time? Also, women are twice as likely to experience depression as compared to men, especially those in unhappy marriages/relationships.

Depression is not something to deal with alone. It’s important to recognize that depression is a medical condition that can be treated. Research shows that a combination of psychotherapy and medication provides the best recovery outcomes.

If you – or someone you know – is suffering from depression, don’t wait to seek help.

Even in the most difficult cases depression is highly treatable. But keep in mind that recovery will be more effective the earlier you begin treatment.

Recovering from Depression is possible. The Couple Zone is here to help if you need us.