Marriage Counseling

Couple distress is the single most common reason for seeking therapy.  It undermines family functioning and is strongly associated with depression, anxiety disorders, and alcoholism.

Our work at The Couple Zone focuses on communication patterns, the emotional bond, and who each partner is “in their own skin”.  We have all been trained in Family Systems Theory, which focuses on key relationships and interactions.  Family Systems Theory is a healthy way of seeing people because dysfunction is located between people more so than inside of people.  We look for failed attempts of relating well with other, rather than personality or character flaws.

At the Couple Zone, we have clients, we do not have “patients”.

We also adhere to a core belief that people have built-in resources to rise above their current struggles.  Our job is to help you find and use them.  We believe people are extremely resilient, and most do not need a therapist for 5-10 years to become “whole”.  Rather, we see couples as stuck in negative, self-reinforcing patterns of communication and relating.  As therapists here we assume that if we were in those same positions we would most likely be responding in very similar ways that our clients do.

This is important:  We do not blame either partner.

Often, men are afraid that they will be blamed if they come to therapy.  This is not the case at the couple zone!  Again, we take a relational perspective – which in everyday language is akin to “there are two sides to every story”.

We work deeply – having clients speak directly to each other, supporting couples to take risks that heretofore they have simply been too afraid to fully realize and deal with.  We assume that underneath it all both partners really want the relationship to work, it’s just that ways of finding each other have become almost impossible to achieve.  That’s where we come in.  We are experts at getting to what really matters and has been demonstrated through rigorous research to be the key elements to achieving lasting change in intimate relationships.

We are all well-versed in emotional, cognitive, and behavioral approaches to therapy. Working with emotion is at our core however.

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Brent Bradley, Ph.D.

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