We do not accept insurance. We can, however, provide detailed receipts that you can submit to your insurance company for out of network reimbursement. We advise checking with your insurance company to see what your deductible is, and what percentage they reimburse for out of network counseling. Note: At times clients find that they can complete therapy with us for less than their deductible amount, and thus would not be reimbursed even if we accepted insurance.

We increasingly find that clients want their counseling information records protected at a level that does not include going through insurance. By not accepting insurance we do not “file” anything about your counseling to anyone. Second, by not accepting insurance we are able to keep our fees lower than the vast majority of professionals our there.

Considering the high level of excellence and ongoing professional training that is the standard at The Couple Zone, we are confident in what we offer. Affordable counseling with high standards is a key part of our mission.