Why Choose Us?

Why come to us for counseling over others? Top Reasons:

1. We are Specialists.

Why would you go to a “generalist” counselor who “also sees” couples for something as important as your marriage or relationship? The field of couple counseling is heading towards specialization – just like the medical field has. Having a child? Try only using your General Practitioner. No, you will be referred to a specialist. Don’t you want the same when it comes to your relationship?

2. Advanced Training.

We are committed to ongoing top-notched training for ourselves. Yes we all have therapy graduate degrees. But that’s simply not enough in today’s marketplace, quite honestly. We are constantly learning the newest research findings and sharpening our skills by attending the best professional trainings from the best scholars the field has to offer. This all gets passed directly to you in the form of outstanding care.

3. Caring & ManSafe.

We see relationship problems as being something that both of you play a role in creating and sustaining. We will not judge either of you. Many men are afraid that they will be the sole blame if they go to counseling. That is not the case at The Couple Zone. We believe that if we were in the same situation as you, we’d probably be acting and feeling similarly to you. You will find us warm, knowledgeable, understanding, and friendly. While we may have to push at times, you will know we do it because we want you to reach your goals.

4. Contemporary & Research-Based.

Contemporary neuroscience is teaching us that emotion is a much bigger player in our lives than we ever dreamed possible even 20 years ago. If you want lasting change in your relationship – you need a counselor that understands the latest researched practices. We don’t just map your thoughts and behaviors, we help you access powerful emotions of which you may be unaware, but are holding you back. All within a safe therapeutic relationship. That’s what we do. We are specialists.